Woman Involved In Car Crash Turns to NBC 5 Responds For Help Getting Repairs Completed

Commuting can be chaotic in North Texas as we all try to get where we're going.

Barlaine Elijah was headed to Children's Hospital in Downtown Dallas, taking her son in to get a cast removed.

“I come up on a white pickup truck and he's speeding up, slowing down, swerving. We literally locked eyes, and we're looking at each other and he just slams into my truck, and I go he hit me,” said Elijah.

She said the truck didn't stop. Her son snapped photos, and they drove to the police station and filed a report.

“You've got the whole door that has to be replaced, the front panel has to be replaced,” she said.

Her son's photos were enough to make out a number on the side of the truck for a business.

“He was very apologetic, saying I'm sorry that this happened, we'll take care of it, don't worry about it.”

Elijah said several days went by without an answer and the one she eventually got, didn't make her happy. They went back and forth for about two months with no solution so she called NBC 5 responds.

After our call, the company agreed to meet with Elijah at the dealership and pay for all of her repairs. We followed up and the company confirmed it repaired the car as promised.

Accidents are difficult and there's usually a lot of back and forth that goes on.

Elijah took some good steps in taking photos and contacting police. In that situation, never leave the scene of an accident.

Pull over to the shoulder or take the next exit if there is no shoulder and call police. Let them guide your next steps.

If it's more than $1,000 of damage a report will be filed. if not, you can still get what’s called a blue form to exchange information.

Don't take on work yourself, let officers and your insurance company handle the back and forth with the other party. It gives you the best protection and least amount of stress.

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