Woman in Red the Third Arrested in DART Mob Assault

More arrests expected as investigation into mob assault continues

A third person is in custody, accused of taking part in a mob attack that left a DART rider hospitalized July 30.

A 44-year-old man who asked that he be identified only as Kennan told NBC 5 he was attacked after asking a group of youths to stop smoking marijuana on the train. He said he was first spit on by a female and when he warned her not to do it again the rest of the group of six attacked.

Video of the fight previously published on Titus Stevenson's Facebook page and embedded here has been removed from Facebook. DART investigators are using the video in their investigation to identify those who attacked a 44-year-old man identified as Kennan.

DART confirmed Monday that the juvenile female seen wearing red in a video of the fight published on Facebook has been arrested by DART police and taken to Dallas County's Henry Wade Juvenile Detention Center.

Due to her age, no further information about her identity is available.

Last week, DART made the firsts arrests in the case -- two brothers, Jakobi and Remon Hendrix, who were headed to work when they saw the fight spill out onto the platform from a different train.

In an interview at the Dallas Count Jail, Jakobi Hendrix apologized for his role in the attack and said after seeing the fight he noticed his younger brother was involved and rushed to his defense. Hendrix said he only learned days later how the fight started.

"I didn't learn what actually happened until, like, two days after when it showed on the news," Hendrix said. "I was mad, because, if I knew that my brother was getting into it because of that situation I would have pulled my brother off of this man and apologized. I wouldn't have let that happen at all."

A man arrested in connection with a mob of people who attacked a DART passenger Sunday spoke from the Dallas County Courthouse on Friday. Jakobi Hendrix, 21, said he jumped into the fight to protect his brother and was upset days later when he learned how the fight started.

Jakobi Hendrix has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon while his 23-year-old brother was arrested on a warrant for the DART incident as well as other outstanding warrants. The Hendrix's younger brother has not yet been arrested.

Kennan is expected to recover from his injuries and is recovering at home.

Dallas Area Rapid Transit is investigating an attack after a man was confronted and beaten by a mob on a Green Line train Sunday night.

"The real hurt, one again, is knowing that my brothers and sisters have this type of anger for each other," Kennan said.

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