Woman Gets Unwanted Peeping During Tech Support Call

A North Richland Hills woman said a computer technician turned into a peeping Tom -- through her computer's webcam.

Dianne Annunziato called Dell Computer's customer support line at 9:30 p.m. after she had problems with her new computer.

"First, the technician started asking me what time of day it was," she said.

When she looked at her screen a minute later, Annunziato said she could see herself in a little box.

"He turned on the webcam; he never asked, 'May I? Can I?' Not a word, (he) just turned it on," she said.

Annunziato then asked for a supervisor.

"I said, 'I could have been sitting here undressed,' and the supervisor laughed, and I just sat there in shock," she said.

Dell said it is investigating the incident.

“We apologize for the issue and appreciate the customer bringing this matter to our attention," the company said in a statement. "An investigation is currently under way, and the company will administer appropriate action when complete.”

Annunziato said she hopes the investigation happens sooner rather then later.

"My first thought is if that has happened to me, God knows how many other people it has happened to," she said.

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