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Woman Gets Refund From Sprint After NBC 5 Responds Investigated

NBC 5 Responds investigated after a North Texas woman said was out of more than $1,000 after her Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was recalled.

Rosemary Miramontes tried for weeks to get the money back and her phone company didn't help.

She sent a copy of her bill from Sprint to NBC 5 Responds, showing the charge after her old phone broke and they upgraded her to a Galaxy Note 7.

You may remember that phone was banned from airline flights and recalled after concerns the batteries inside could catch fire.

Miramontes returned the phone, but was still stuck with the bill for the full price of that phone. She said repeated trips to Sprint got her nowhere.

NBC 5 Responds reached out to Sprint, who then immediately credited the account in full.

We asked them why this happened and they sent a statement saying, "We appreciate the customer bringing this issue to Sprint's attention and am glad the customer is satisfied with the resolution."

They're still looking for more details into why that didn't work for Miramontes.

If you find yourself in the same situation, create a paper trail. Sprint agreed and suggested contacting them online for this issue.

If you're not getting anywhere with one person, try another. A lot of things get hung up because they're stuck on someone’s desk.

Lastly, set deadlines for yourself and the people trying to help.

When all else fails, contact NBC 5 Responds.

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