Woman Fights Home Warranty Company After HVAC System Fails

Home warranties are one of the items we hear about the most in the Consumer Investigative Center and NBC 5 Responds stepped in after a woman’s A/C broke and she couldn’t find a solution with her home warranty company.

Home warranties are helpful if you don’t have a big savings account to handle unexpected breakdowns. But just because you have a plan doesn’t mean you get to make all the same choices you would if you were fixing an HVAC system on your own.

JoeAnn Taylor had her A/C serviced in March and a tech told her some of the parts inside were failing.

He gave her a quote of $1,356 for replacing her furnace only, and one for replacing the entire system which she said the tech recommended at a cost of $5,068.

She sent the paperwork to her home warranty expecting them to upgrade the system but she didn’t hear back. Frustrated, she called NBC 5.

The warranty company apologized saying they lost her paperwork.

That whole system upgrade wasn’t covered. They felt only the furnace on her system needed replacement.

As a gesture of goodwill, the company offered her a total of $3,402 to cover additional work.

Know the details of your warranty. Often times you’re at the mercy of the repairman who the warranty company sends to your house.

You can ask for a second opinion, but again that second company will be chosen by your home warranty company.

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