Woman Encounters Flasher in Dallas, Again

The man exposed himself to the woman in January 2017 and again on Friday

A flasher has struck again in Dallas.

Police are looking for the man who exposed himself to at least one woman.

It happened in the Lower Greenville neighborhood.

The victim said she feared he will only become more brazen in his efforts.

Stacey Morgan was walking on Delmar Avenue at Kenwood Avenue when a familiar face drove up next to her and stopped her Friday afternoon.

"He says, 'Help me! Please, I have an emergency,'" she said. "It took maybe a split second, but I was like, 'That's the guy from before! I can't believe he's back!"

The same guy she said as the one who stopped her about a mile away in January 2017.

"He's like please help! I need a doctor! Can you please tell me where this office is? I have a medical emergency. I've been bit by a spider on my leg," she remembered. "When I reached in to get the paper for the address, which was against any better wisdom anyway, to step toward the car that's when he exposed himself and he did expose himself fully," she said. "I got the whole picture."

She vaguely remembered some things about the stranger.

He is reportedly a young, Hispanic man with a medium build, spiky black hair and brown eyes wearing workout clothes.

"He laughed and said, 'You're so sweet,' laughed and took off," Morgan said.

In the latest encounter, Morgan said she did not even allow him to ask her anything.

"I started screaming and yelling, 'Get out of here! Get out of here! I recognize you! I know who you are! I see you,'" she said.

There was something else she won't soon forget.

"He has a very friendly face," she said. "He's very cute. Like a little brother. You expect a creep to be creepy looking. But he wasn't."

Dallas police confirmed two reports have been filed.

DPD urged others who may have encountered the man to file a police report.

Morgan said the man was driving different vehicles in both encounters.

In the first encounter, in January 2017, she remembered a dark red or maroon car.

In the latest encounter she remembered a silver vehicle, possibly a Lexus or Mitsubishi.

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