Woman Douses Bank Lobby in Gasoline & Lighter Fluid Then Demands Cash

The woman used a small child as a shield in an attempt to get away from officers

Murphy police arrested a woman Wednesday after they say she poured gasoline and lighter fluid on the floor of a bank lobby, demanded cash and waved a hammer.

Investigators say this happened at the Bank of America branch at 113 East FM 544 just before 1:30 p.m. Monday.

Police believe 36-year-old Evelyn Misumi intended to use the hammer to break open cash drawers in the bank.

When officers arrived on scene, police say Misumi had just run out of the building.

Police used a stun-gun and pepper spray to stop her but say she still managed to grab a 9-month-old infant out of her car, which she then tried to use as a shield from officers.

Cell phone video from witnesses shows police moving in with guns drawn before subduing Misumi on the trunk of her car. Police pulled the infant from her arms to safety.

Misumi was taken to the Collin County Detention Center. She's charged with child endangerment and robbery.

The infant was taken to Children's Medical Center as a precaution.

No one inside the bank was hurt. Crews could be seen inside the branch cleaning up the gasoline and lighter fluid Wednesday evening.

The FBI and CPS are investigating.

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