Woman, 82, Mugged Outside North Dallas Grocery Store

Dallas police are searching for suspects after two women were mugged in Dallas.

Ann Etgen Atkinson, 82, stopped at the Tom Thumb on Northwest Highway and Central Expressway to pick up a few things Thursday afternoon.

Atkinson said she purposely parked far away from the store to get some exercise. As she approached the store, a large man approached from behind.

“He had his hands up like he was getting ready to hit me or attack me,” said Atkinson. “He took the purse right over my head, real roughly and he pushed me down real fast and I fell all the way down on the cement.”

A nearby shopper rushed to help Atkinson, as the robber jumped into a waiting black Chrysler 300 with a driver behind the wheel.

“It happened so fast I was scared to death,” said Atkinson, who was shaken but unharmed. “I’ve never been so scared in my whole life. He was just hovering over me. It was so scary and so unexpected.”

An hour later, police believe the same men targeted a 25-year-old woman in the parking lot outside World Market on Alpha Road near the Galleria. A similar description of the getaway car was given.

“Don’t think about what you’re going to get in the grocery store,“ said Atkinson. “Keep your eyes open and look around. See if you see anything suspicious or out of the ordinary. I think you just have to pay better attention.”

Police have confirmed these two attacks are connected to two other muggings – one off Webb Chapel and Northwest Highway and another near Haskell Avenue and North Central Expressway earlier in the week.

Officers are now reviewing surveillance video to see if any of the crimes were caught on camera.

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