With Full Scholarship, Dallas ISD Student To Go From Hillcrest H.S. to Harvard

Andrea Tchinda will go to Harvard in the fall on a full-ride scholarship

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Hillcrest High School senior Andrea Tchinda is heading to Harvard next school year. "Class of 2027," Tchina said, pointing to her Harvard hoodie with a big smile.

Five years ago, Tchinda moved with her family from Central Africa to North Texas in search of a better life for Tchinda and her younger sisters.

"I moved April 11, 2018," Tchinda said. "I didn't know how to speak English."

Now, Tchinda is a straight-A student, taking advanced placement and college classes. She's also captain of the varsity basketball team.

"Well, first of all, she sits very front row. I mean, she could not be closer to the board," Advanced Placement biology teacher Claire Reeves pointed out. "She's really a top student in a lot of ways. One thing that definitely stands out is I have to study for her!"

Tchinda will attend Harvard on a full-ride scholarship.

"I was like, 'hey, dad, look at this,'" Tchinda said. "'Harvard is giving to me $86,000!' And we click on 'details' and we saw that everything was covered. Parent contribution, zero!"

Tchinda said her parents left good jobs in Cameroon to give her and her little sisters a chance for a better life in America.

"Whenever I think about Harvard, just being able to reward my parents, and just rewarding myself for all the hard work that I've put in," Tchinda said. "All the time that I've prayed, that I've cried, that I thought that I wasn't going to do it, and being able to have this hoodie on, it's just showing me that you did it!"

Tchinda plans to study computer science.

"Everything is possible," Tchinda said. "Just bet on yourself!"

She'll attend Harvard on a full-ride scholarship.

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