Family Says Pilot’s Son Rescued 2 from Wreckage

Family members say two survivors are in critical condition

One person was killed in a plane crash in rural Wise County on Sunday evening.

The pilot, Steve Dauenhauer, died when the Cessna 210 aircraft went down in the rural area of Wise County at about 7:30 p.m.

Three survivors were rushed to the Parkland Hospital Burn Unit in Dallas.

Family members told NBC 5 the pilot's son, Colby Dauenhauer, pulled his girlfriend and her father from the burning wreckage.

Colby Dauenhauer, 19, sustained burns on his legs. He was in good condition at Parkland Hospital.

His girlfriend, 19-year-old Breann Jarvis, was in critical condition. She sustained burns on 40 percent of her body. Her legs, hands and arms were singed from the fire. 

Her father, Jason Jarvis, sustained serious burns to his feet, legs, hands and arms, according to loved ones. His condition is critical, but relatives told NBC 5 that he was able to sit up and eat Monday.

People in the Springtown community are praying for the victims. On Sunday night, the Springtown Independent School District opened its stadium for a prayer vigil with about 150 students and residents.

Community members say both families are well-known in the community.

Breann Jarvis is a Springtown graduate studying at Texas Christian University, and Colby Dauenhauer is a current student in the district.

Relatives told NBC 5 the two families were heading home to Wise County from Louisiana after watching a horse race. They were trying to land at the pilot's private air strip near Boyd.

Investigators said the plane crashed short of the grass runway and burst into flames about a half mile from the home.

The National Transportation Safety Board is the leading the investigation into the crash. The investigation could take several months.

NBC 5's Ray Villeda and Kendra Lyn contributed to this report.

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