Wisconsin Woman Accused of Luring Garland Boy for Sex: Police

Garland mom shares story about son being allegedly lured through online gaming

A Wisconsin woman was indicted on federal sex charges Wednesday for allegedly luring a 14-year-old North Texas boy through online gaming to have sex with her.

Garland police worked around the clock to find the teen that went missing Sept. 12 and was found at Dallas Love Field with the suspect several days later.

"It's scary," said Evonnie Cook, the boy's mother. "Just happy my baby made it home."

Life will never be the same for Cook, who shared her son's story only with NBC 5. She said he was kidnapped and sexually assaulted by 34-year-old Jennifer Dougherty, whom he met through online video gaming a year ago.

"The parents need to pay attention to what goes on the games," said Cook.

Dougherty now faces federal sex charges. Police said their relationship escalated from casual conversions to sending sexual pictures. And then just weeks ago, Dougherty flew the boy to Wisconsin and then back to North Texas, police said.

"I'm so tight-hold with my kids now," said Cook. "I don't want her [Dougherty] to get out and come after him thinking it's OK -- and it's not OK."

Cook had no idea about the online relationship. Police records said Dougherty planned to marry and have children with the 14-year-old, allegedly stating she believed he was her "guardian angel."

"It's important to know what your children are doing, because the risk and the potential for a sexual predator to get a hold of them is out there," said Garland Police Lt. Pedro Barineau.

Someone passing through Dallas Love Field recognized the victim from a missing person's flyer and tipped off police. The 14-year-old was safely returned home after missing for several days.

"I love him dearly and I'm glad he's home," said Cook.

The victim's mom said she doesn't let him play video games anymore or even stay at the house alone. But she hopes the message gets out to other parents to be more aware of what their kids are doing online.

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