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Winter’s Cold Provides Little Relief for North Texans Working Outdoors

Cold weather has caused problems for North Texas drivers the past few days. At a tire shop in Denton, helping them has been a cold proposition for workers, too.

Afford It Tires and Wheels is one business that's seen the benefits of this week's icy, frigid weather.

"Had a guy come in and had two flats," said owner Henry Fain, who says that customer slid on the ice and hit a curb. Others -- in the steady stream of folks who came to his business -- had soft tires, victims of dropping tire air pressure due to the cold.

"No tread, running flat. Got holes, nails, and everything," said Marcus Jones of Denton, as he waited for his tires to be changed.

And in that freezing cold, Benito Ward quickly changed tire after tire, all day long.

"As long as my feet and my hands are warm, I'm fine," he said.

Temperatures at the beginning of the work day held in the mid-teens -- colder, with the wind chill.

"As long as you stay moving, you'll stay warm," said Ward. "Sit still and you're gonna freeze."

It's like that for the whole crew at the Denton shop, where all the work is done outside -- no matter the weather.

"The guys have been with it for a while. They're used to it," said Fain. "They kind of adapt to anything and everything, y'know?"

Love the cold weather or not -- it doesn't matter, when there's work to do.

"Work's work," said Fain. "You gotta get it done."

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