Winter Storm Negatively Impacts Blood Supply, Donors Needed

"Current blood shortage is the worst in decades," according to Carter BloodCare

NBC 5 News

Texas' recent winter storm impacted more than building infrastructure and power lines, it negatively impacted blood collections by blood care facilities across the state.

"Donors could not get to our neighborhood centers," Carter BloodCare CEO Dr. Merlyn Sayers said. "Our vehicles could not manage the highways."

According to Carter BloodCare, blood drives were canceled prior to the storm and after as well, as many donor centers needed to tend to power and plumbing issues.

From Feb. 11-22, 166 blood drives were canceled, which is a loss of 2,800 units of blood, according to Carter BloodCare

The 25 donor centers in North, Central and East Texas lost another 3,000 units in the same time frame due to similar issues.

The center is asking for community members to step up and help fill the gap.

"I'm not urging you to donate because your lives depend on it, I'm urging you to donate because the lives of others depend on you," Sayers said.

Individuals seeking to donate blood can visit the donor page of the Carter BloodCare website here.

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