Wings Over Dallas Air Show Officials Reassure Neighbors of Their Safety

The vintage air show Wings Over Dallas kicks off this weekend, and organizers want neighbors to know they're safe. This comes after part of a warplane came crashing into a nearby neighborhood last year.

Fortunately, no one was hurt, but it still has some concerned.

Show executives tell NBC 5 that inspectors are on the ground performing maintenance and security checks before any planes take off, and that residents who live nearby are safe.

This is the first show since the Oct. 29, 2016, incident when part of a gear door on one of the World War II planes fell into a front yard during a flight.

Neighbor Debbie Burt filed a complaint with the FAA, which returned a report and cited "an over-stress failure in bending" and considered the matter closed.

Commemorative Air Force President and CEO Robert Stenevik says safety is a top priority and says residents should not be concerned this year.

"Indeed unfortunate, but very, very rare. In fact, right now there's four FAA representatives on location, so the FAA comes out to all these shows, and they come and look at all of our airplanes before we fly," Stenevik said.

The air show at Dallas Executive Airport runs through Sunday.

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