Wing Tests Store-to-Door Drone Delivery Service

The Google sister company is making practice flights in Frisco and Little Elm as it awaits FAA clearance

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The future of shopping takes another step closer to taking off as Wing, a drone delivery service, takes part in practice flights in Frisco.

"We were really blown away by how they embrace technology. There's a lot of history here with self-driving cars and delivery robots and so they knew exactly what we were all about," said Wing marketing and communications director Jacob Demmitt.

The Google sister company is partnering with some Walgreens locations in Little Elm and Frisco.

"Knowing we're here at the beginning of that future to be able to see is what got us excited and wanting to get involved," said Greg Allbright who volunteered for the test runs.

Wing drones can carry up to three pounds, travel 65 mph, 150 feet off the ground and aim for store-to-door delivery, in 10 minutes.

"The drone doesn't land at home, it still hovers about 23 feet off the ground and it uses a tether to lower the package," said Demmitt.

Right now, the test runs deliver bottled water, but Allbright says he expects to reach for the app for a missing ingredient or medicine for a sick child.

"Not having to worry about getting them out of the car get there all those types of things, it makes whatever you're going to charge me worth it 'cause I'm going to pay it," said Allbright.

That's what Wing is counting on.

"It'll go thru that progression from being scared that it's going to drop on their house to 'I've got to have this every day, I've got to order stuff every day," said Demmitt.

Wing representatives will only say they expect the drone delivery service to be available to the public, in 'the coming months.'

Test runs will continue as Wing awaits final approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to take flight in North Texas.

Once the FAA approves a Part 135 Air Carrier certificate, Wing representatives say delivery will be free in its initial phase.

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