Williams Ready to be Arlington's Mayor, Experts Break Down Victory Over Cluck

It was business as usual Tuesday for Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck, who will preside over his final city council meeting Tuesday night.

Meanwhile, the man who is set to replace him is already setting up meetings with city leaders and city staff so he can hit the ground running.

“I’m looking forward to working with them now and to complete the circle,” said Mayor-Elect Jeff Williams.

Williams was widely considered to be a legitimate challenger to Cluck, but many are calling his victory over the six-term incumbent a surprise.

UT-Arlington Political Science Professor and Political Commentator Dr. Allan Saxe is not one of them.

“It was that perfect storm that came into play,” said Saxe.

Saxe tells NBC 5 Williams did everything a challenger had to do to beat a sitting Arlington Mayor for the first time since 1951.

He says Williams got the right people and right groups behind him, got his name and campaign signs out early, and likely got a boost by supporting the ban on red light cameras, which the majority of voters also supported.

“So all those things came together and then he campaigned very hard,” said Saxe.

Saxe also commended Cluck for running a solid campaign.

“This is one of the few elections where it’s not between somebody bad and somebody good,” said Saxe. “These were two good people.”

Although they were opponents, Williams says he has a deep respect and appreciation for Cluck and everything he did for Arlington. He hopes to build on that legacy during his next two years in office.

“I feel a deep sense of responsibility of helping to move our city forward and to lead,” said Williams.

Williams will be sworn in to office on May 26.

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