Wildlife Injured, Killed by Blowdarts in Lewisville

Investigators are looking into whether the cases are connected with a similar incident in Frisco last year

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Neighbors in Lewisville are offering nearly a $2,000 reward for information on the person who is hurting wildlife with blowdarts.

In the past two months, people who live in the Castle Hills neighborhood said at least 10 animals have been injured by blowdarts, and another four have died.

Photos of the turtles, rabbits and Canadian Geese have been shared on social media.

“When you're not wired that way, it’s always a shock to see something like that,” said Adam Polter who lives in a Carrollton neighborhood next door.

The game warden investigating the case said the animals have 4-5” blowdarts stuck in their bodies. He said the weapon was easily accessible to the public online.

In December, NBC 5 reported on a similar incident in Frisco. In that case, two injured bobcats were spotted in Tricia Tate’s backyard. One had a blowdart in its hind leg and the other had one stuck in its eye.

The bobcat with the eye injury, nicknamed Miracle, was captured and rehabilitated at the National Bobcat Rescue and Research Center.

“It does make you wonder, this is such a rarity, if this is possibly a connection,” Polter said.

Frisco police said they're looking into any possible connection.

Meantime, neighbors in Lewisville want to connect the dots, too.

“This is somebody that needs to be identified, one, so no further animals are injured in such a callous and cold manner. But also, this is a person who needs help,” Polter said.

The game warden said the person responsible could face criminal charges.

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