Wildlife Adventures in North Texas

Sharkarosa Ranch is home to rare and endangered species

If your family is looking for a wild adventure this summer, then Sharkarosa Ranch may be the place for you.

The wildlife ranch is located in Pilot Point and is home to rare and endangered species. It's been called one of the best kept secrets in North Texas.

"Nothing touches people like animals," said Sharkarosa Ranch employee Sara Stuart.

"They take you out on a safari, and they have music on the train. The animals come up to the train, and the kids are able to touch them," said First Baptist Church of Denton camp leader Tommy Kent.

The ranch breeds rare and endangered species for zoo programs around the world.

"Zoos are usually city employees, so they can't pay their employees to bottle raise around-the-clock. So, we bottle raise them and then send them to their new zoo home," Stuart said.

The animals double as educational tools and teach children about conservation efforts.

"When it dawns on them that in 20 years this animal may not be there, and when it clicks the need for conservation and you see that passion light in his eyes, that is the best part," said Stuart.

"The zoo, you just get to look. But here, you get to listen, and listening is a huge thing. They [kids] are like sponges. They soak it all up," said Kent.

Each group that comes through leaves with a wild tale to tell.

Sharkarosa Ranch is open Monday-Friday for guided group tours. It is open to the public on Saturdays. 

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