Wild West Crime Fight

Dallas police go horseback to stop home break-ins

Crime in some areas of Dallas and the Park Cities is so bad, police are turning to horses for help.

Officers say crooks are looking for laptops and purses, casing alley ways and breaking into homes with large windows.

"I was glad I was in my bed and my bedroom door shut", said homeowner June Schilling who awoke to find her daughter's laptop missing from her kitchen table.

In Northwest Dallas, home break-ins were up 56-percent this week and on Friday Dallas police started using officers on horses to patrol certain neighborhoods.

"What's good about horse patrols they can down allies look over balconies and they're presence is fantastic", said Lieutenant Paul Stokes of the Dallas police department.

Police say even if an arrest comes in this recent crime spree, they will continue their mounted patrols.

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