How Wild Texas Weather Affects Businesses

If you live in Texas, in January, you have to dress for any weather occasion.

"I dress in layers," said Renee Boydstun, who rides her bike along the Trinity River in Fort Worth three days a week.

"I'm out here with my friends. We are reconnecting with our childhood. Cycling is so much fun," said Boydstun.

The warm winter weather is drawing more people out to outdoor fun for families.

"You have 40 degree weather, then 60 degree weather, you put on your shirts and then go back to finding your winter wear again. Its just normal in Texas," said Boydstun.

Businesses that would normally get the cold shoulder in January are feeling the heat. Athletic shops and restaurants with patio dining are hot spots.

"When it's 20 degrees there's nobody renting a bike," said Randy Sullivan, who runs Mellow Johnny's Bike Shop in Fort Worth. "When its 70 degrees we rent 20 at a time. Rental traffic goes up when the weather is nice," said Sullivan.

NBC 5's team of Weather Experts forecast temperatures to reach the upper 70s Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday before a cold front this weekend.

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