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Widower Donates Life Insurance Payment to Medical Debt Relief

From the beginning, Danny and Betty Roberson’s love was steeped in their faith. 

“I married her on top of a mountain in Colorado 16 years ago, as close to God as I could get her,” Danny said.

Danny decided to donate $10,000 to RIP Medical Debt in Betty's memory, which will forgive $1 million in debt.

The couple stood together through a fight with cancer. Their love was strong even after Betty got a little closer to God and left Danny behind.

Betty died earlier this year after having the max amount of chemo a body can handle, but her tumor kept growing.

"You know it’s something you never really plan for and even though I knew it was coming. When she did pass, it was very sudden. It just hits you in the gut," Danny said.

There were other treatments available but they cost too much for Danny and Betty to afford.

“I wanna see my grandbabies grow up, I deserve that,” Betty told us in an interview from last year.

While she didn’t get that wish, Danny knows she’s smiling these days.

He tries to remain connected through visits to the cemetery, artwork, photos and through the cost of healthcare.

"There’s no telling how many people put off things that need to be done due to fear of the cost you know how they're going to be left once they have whatever procedure it is," Danny said. "That’s a shame that people don't get things done out of fear."

If Danny looks a little different these days it’s with good reason: he’s healing from surgery.

While Betty battled cancer, so was he, a tumor in his face, he ignored so he could devote their money and his time to take care of his wife.

"She kept after me to do it," said Danny. "As soon as you know the peace was made with her, I knew that's what she want me to do."

He also thinks she would want to help others.

So Danny took payment from Betty’s life insurance and donated $10,000 to RIP Medical Debt, which is a charity that buys medical bills for pennies on the dollar and forgives debt.

$1 million in bills will be wiped away thanks to Danny’s donation.

"When they go out and see that RIP medical envelope in their mail box, I know God is blessing them and I know Betty may have had a little bit to do with that," Danny said.

If you would like to join the movement and make a donation, click here.

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