Widespread Tornadoes Ripped Through North Texas 5 Years Ago Today

On this date five years ago, North Texas endured a widespread tornado outbreak.

Serious damage occurred in Arlington, Forney and Lancaster.

You undoubtedly remember the famous video from the Lancaster tornado, shot by our Texas Sky Ranger, showing tractor trailers flying through the air.

Here’s that video:

An outbreak of tornadoes ripped through North Texas five years ago on April 3, 2012.

What made this storm system so difficult to cover was that we had simultaneous Tornado Emergencies declared in Tarrant County and Dallas County, the two largest population centers in North Texas.

I couldn’t focus on just one tornado, because there was an equally dangerous tornado moving in to the adjacent county.

Here is a map that the National Weather Service prepared, showing the locations of the 17 tornadoes reported across North Texas that day.

National Weather Service


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