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Why Your Water Might Smell Different in March

NBC 5 News

Residents across North Texas might notice a different smell or taste in their water through the end of the month, according to the North Texas Municipal Water District.

The difference is caused by the absence of ammonia in the disinfectant the NTMWD uses in a water treatment. The system uses a disinfectant that mixes chlorine and ammonia, but has removed the latter for a few weeks, which could make the chlorine more noticeable to some people, the NTMWD said.

The NTMWD said the change, which will last until the end of March, happens yearly.

"This routine, temporary change in water disinfectant is vital to maintain water quality year-round," NTMWD Water System Manager Zeke Campbell said. "This common system maintenance practice does not increase the amount of chlorine, and the water remains safe to drink."

The NTMWD offered tips to minimize a change in taste or odor, including putting a pitcher of water in the refridgerator overnight, and adding a crushed 1000 milligram vitamin C tablet to bath water to remove chlorine.

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