Why Heavy Rain is Main Threat for Hurricane Harvey

Harvey went from not even a tropical storm to a major Category 4 hurricane in 56 hours, an incredibly fast intensification for a storm.

The storm is over very warm waters (85-88 degrees) in an environment with low wind shear. The storm strengthened into a major hurricane — a Category 4.

The National Hurricane Center said the eye of the Category 4 hurricane made landfall about 10 p.m. Friday about 30 miles east-northeast of Corpus Christi between Port Aransas and Port O'Connor, Texas, bringing with it 130 mph sustained winds and flooding rains.

Like any major hurricane, the concerns with Harvey will be flooding, storm surge and hurricane-force winds. This storm, however, will mostly be known for the flooding. Rain fall totals are projected to be as high as 30 inches, and the possibility of 40-inch rain totals are not out of the question.

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