North Texas

South Winds Carrying Hill Country Pollen May be Aggravating Your Allergies

For the second straight day North Texas is under a wind advisory. Wednesday the advisory is in effect from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m., south winds will gust up to 35 mph. Tuesday the winds gusted up to 40 mph.

Air flows from high to low pressure and this week strong winds are being funneled into an area of low pressure to our north. When areas of high and low pressure are close to each other, that is when the winds are the strongest.

If you have allergies the south winds are probably making you feel worse.

Mountain Cedar pollen is being carried into North Texas. Mountain Cedar is from the Juniper Tree and is mostly found in the Hill Country. Here is why your allergies are so bad:

  • The high surface winds are pulling the pollen off the trees.
  • Warm temperatures are lifting the pollen high into the air.
  • The south winds bring the pollen to us.

The winds will die down Friday as the chance for rain increases across North Texas.

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