Who Knew a Baby Rhino Could Be This Cute?

Fossil Rim worth the drive to Glen Rose

The fall into winter season is a time many of us hunker down, hibernate and just generally stay inside. We sound like wild animals right?

Well at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose, there's been no hunkering down. In fact, the park is now home to three new and very cool baby animals.

In September, the first baby giraffe was born. With the help of park visitors and supporters, the giraffe was named Baker because he was born during Texas' hottest summer on record.

Then about a month later, a second giraffe, Stella, came along.  Stella is being hand-raised by the animal care specialists at Fossil Rim.

Those who take the scenic drive through the park can actually see Baker out and about in the pasture but Stella is still being cared for in the giraffe barn so she isn't ready to meet the public yet.

Both Baker and Stella are Reticulated Giraffes who are endangered in the wild so Fossil Rim is very excited about the births.

The third baby to be born at the park, and perhaps one of the cutest babies you have ever seen, is a brand new white rhino.

The calf was born on Oct. 27, to mother Edith. Edith, at 42, is the oldest white rhino to ever give birth in the United States, according to Fossil Rim.

Edith was actually brought to Fossil Rim to retire back in 2008 and no one expected her to give birth. She is already the mother to 13 calves prior to this one.

The new female calf will become part of the species survival plan and will help her cousins in the wild by producing new rhinos along with being an ambassador for educating the public about white rhinos.

Before you run down to Glen Rose to get a sneak peak at all the new arrivals, the park wants visitors to know the baby rhino isn't on public display yet, and she won’t be visible on the scenic drive until this spring, at the earliest.

But, that doesn’t mean you can’t see the calf. If you take the behind the scenes tour, which costs $47 per person, the guide makes a special visit to the rhino barn where you can check out the cute little calf.  That alone may make the trip to Fossil Rim in Glen Rose well Worth the Drive.

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