White Settlement

White Settlement Makes Sure Senior Citizens Aren't Forgotten for Thanksgiving

Special Thanksgiving baskets delivered with Meals On Wheels

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A sign on the door of the White Settlement Senior Services building says it all.  The facility has been closed since March 20 because of COVID-19 concerns.

For many, this was their only time to socialize with others. For some, it may have been their nutritional meals of the day. The center serves breakfast and lunch.

“Fortunately I do have my husband,” Senior Center visitor Susan Daves said. “There are so many that don’t even have a companion. Don’t have a little animal or anything and they are in total isolation.”

So city employees banded together to create a special Thanksgiving holiday basket for their seniors.

“We just want to make sure they know that we are thinking of them and that they have some human contact at least once a week and have some idea that the city is still thinking about them,” White Settlement City Manager Jeff James said. “We continue to anticipate them coming back to the senior center when it’s able to open.”

The special baskets were delivered along with the White Settlement Meals on Wheels. 

“It was a very sweet gesture with the gift that was unexpected,” Daves said.

Daves knows for some seniors it means so much more.

“Some of them won’t have anyone to celebrate the holiday with,” Daves said. “By them coming today means a lot and it’s really going to touch a lot of hearts.”

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