Allie Spillyards

White Rock Lake Too Low for Boaters After Problem with Spillway

As the weekend approaches, boaters who normally spend their time on White Rock Lake are left praying for rain.

Steve Comen is one of hundreds of members of the Corinthian Sailing Club who say lake levels are too low to drop their boats.

"We could tell it was down a foot, foot and a half from what it had been a week and a half earlier," said Steve Comen.

But it wasn't until pictures surfaced Thursday showing water gushing from what looked to be breaks in the spillway that they figured out the cause.

"[It was] a little disturbing. I wasn't sure what caused it," said Comen.

After several complaints, the city went to investigate.

Dallas Water Utilities determined wooden stop logs put in place nearly 20 years ago to help regulate lake levels had deteriorated over time.

The city released a statement saying, "The wooden stop logs have no impact on the integrity of the dam or spillway. There is no danger of flooding to the areas beyond the dam."

Crews worked on a temporary fix late Thursday, and for now have stopped the flow.

They say a more permanent fix will be part of large updates to the aging spillway that have long been in the works. Construction for that project is scheduled to be awarded early next year.

In the meantime, those who usually flock to the lake will wait on mother nature for a fix.

"Not much rain in the forecast right now, so we'll see what happens," said Comen.

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