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White Rock Lake to Host Inaugural Rowing Championships This Weekend

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White Rock Lake in Dallas is hosting its inaugural Texas State Rowing Championship this weekend. 

More than 500 junior athletes from North Texas and across the state will compete Saturday and Sunday.

The state championship has been held in Austin for 20 years, but a new 2,000-meter race course at White Rock Lake brought the event to Dallas.

"We kept thinking, we've got this giant boathouse, the largest boathouse in the state," said Sue Ellen Chambers, president of White Rock Rowing and White Rock Boathouse. "We've got this beautiful body of water at white rock lake, and we need a racecourse. So we put it in, and Austin was like, yay! Y'all do states."

Chambers considers rowing the ultimate team sport that gives kids confidence, leadership, and commitment.

"When you see those kids in the boat, if one kid decides, I don't really feel like doing this on this race today, the boat slows down exponentially," Chambers said. "So, everyone is needed. Everyone is important. Your commitment to your teammates, your commitment to your boatmates is huge."

Chambers is a rower herself and has the upper body to show for it but the real strength, she says, comes from "your legs, your glutes and your core that propel that boat through the water."

"You get in that boat and there's something about being to move a boat insync with other people or by yourself; it's harder because it's just you doing it," she said. "And to just glide across that water with so many people that you're bodies have to be in perfect sync.Your oars have to go in at the right time. The drive has to happen at the right time. The oars have to come out. I mean it takes a lot of practice."

Mayor Eric Johnson has proclaimed Saturday, April 23, the first day of racing, as Texas State Rowing Championship Day. 

There's no cost to see the two-day competition and cheer on the best rowers in Texas. The event will be held at White Rock Boathouse, located at 2920 White Rock Road.

Texas State Rowing Championships
Saturday, April 23
Racing Heats from: 7:00 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Sunday, April 24
Grand finals from: 7:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

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