White Rock Creek Flooded Sunday

Heavy rain flooded portions of White Rock Creek Sunday, trapping some homeowners inside their houses.

"It's a lot of water," said Russell Jennings about the water that had risen beyond the banks of the creek, crossed the 7600 block of Goforth Road and crested halfway up his driveway.

"Well we had to put the cars in the back so we could get out in the alley," Jennings told NBCDFW about the preventative measures he took Saturday night. "Obviously if the cars were in the driveway we wouldn't, we'd be stuck today."

Other neighbors on Jennings' block had not thought ahead, and their vehicles were left trapped for hours in their driveways.

Nearby, flood gates were out and across the road in an effort to prevent travel on W Lawther Drive where it becomes Lanshire Drive.

"Well I think it's crazy," Dallas resident Veronica Martinez said about the high water and the road closures. "We were gonna come past here but I looked and I'm like, 'No thank you.'"

Several residents noted that they believed the water Sunday was as high as they've seen it in several years, since the City of Dallas did improvements to mitigate the flood hazard to the north of Northwest Highway.

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