Crews Almost Done Pumping Sewage from White Rock Creek

North Texas Municipal Water District crews are wrapping up efforts to stop the spread of untreated waste from flowing into White Rock Lake. 

Last Wednesday afternoon, a contractor in Plano hit a line, sending an estimated one-million gallons of sewage into White Rock Creek.

According to NTMWD, the spill entered the water about 12 miles upstream of White Rock Lake in Dallas. Thanks to Mother Nature, it became self-contained just north of Frankford Rd.

With no recent rain, the creek stayed low. Rain would have allowed the contamination to flow faster and further, but bare patches held it in place.

Crews were still working Monday, pumping water into the City of Dallas Wastewater Collection System, which flows into a treatment plant.

A NTMWD spokesperson said it is now highly unlikely any of that sewage will reach the lake.

"With the cleanup efforts completing today, there is no chance that that will reach into White Rock Lake," said NTMWD Spokesperson Denise Hickey.

So, far water quality tests conducted around the spill, show it has been stopped.

Now that it's been mostly cleaned up, any trace amounts of contamination could be further cleaned out by potential rain in the forecast.

According to Dallas city officials, White Rock Lake partners can resume normal operations effective Monday, July 2. The White Rock Lake Dog Park Launch will reopen on Tuesday, July 3.

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