Where's My Missing Money? State's Unclaimed Property Division Is Backlogged

NBC 5 Responds looks into complaints that it takes months to get money back from the state's unclaimed property division.

Military veteran Chris Shelby reached out to NBC 5 Responds after getting a note promising to help him get money he's owed from the state for a fee.

He saw our story saying he could do it himself and we walked him through the process and found out he had even more, almost $500 was owed to him.

"As it turned out, I've got some money sitting in the comfortable hands of the state of Texas," he told us. "It's a very good thing if I could just pry it loose."

He's filled out paperwork but has waited weeks and still no check. He's not the only one.

Shantay Thompson has $500 sitting in the state's bank account. She says she's sent in a ton of information verifying she's her but has been waiting months for the cash because that state hasn't been able to verify who she was.

NBC 5 Responds reached out to the state comptroller's office, they apologized for the delay, saying it normally takes two to four weeks to get money into your hands but right now it's taking two to four months.

They have more than 40,000 still waiting for someone to work on them.

The state blames its new website, which makes it easier to claim money and more people learning about the program.

The state says in one year they normally handle 190,000 cases but hit that number in six months now. So the state asks you to be patient.

Chris Shelby received his check Friday.

Shantay Thompson needed a new driver's license with her updated address before she could get her money.

We helped her get that quickly and her check shouldn't be far behind.

If you file for unclaimed money, know that it will take a while but the state has hired more workers and hopes to get caught back up soon.

If you want to check to see if you're owed something CLICK HERE to go to ClaimItTexas.org.

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