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When Will More Texans Be Eligible For The Vaccine?

A state panel of doctors and lawmakers have been meeting to discuss the next priority groups

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With the governor lifting statewide mandates, many Texans want to know when will they be eligible for the shot.

For those at the joint vaccination clinic between Grand Prairie and Irving today, the vaccine is a dose full of promise.

“This is really empowering for me to start life again,” said Will Stacy, who received his shot today.

Kaneeka Givens said she received notice of her appointment just hours after Governor Abbott lifted COVID precautions, a decision that left her uneasy.

“I got the text to come and get my shot, so I feel relieved,” Givens said. “We need something to give us hope.”

For those not yet eligible for a vaccine, it’s more time away from those they love.

Kirsten Turner’s 91-year-old father lives in California. She’s been reluctant to travel to see him until she gets the shot.

"It would give me peace of mind to live life again," Turner said.

Right now approximately 7% of the state is vaccinated.

State leaders have said more Texans would become eligible for the vaccine in March, yet questions to the Department of State Health Services went unanswered on Wednesday. The Expert Vaccination Allocation Panel, a state appointed panel of lawmakers and doctors, has been meeting to discuss the next priority groups, but no decisions have been announced.

Teachers were added Wednesday, but only after a directive from the federal government.

“I think if we’re going to lift the mask order and increase the capacity in restaurants, then we need to make certain that we’re getting more and more people vaccinated,” said Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price.

Following Abbott’s actions, Price called on the governor to make more Texans eligible for the shot.

In Dallas County, Judge Clay Jenkins called on Abbott to increase vaccine supply after doses to Dallas and Tarrant Counties were cut two weeks ago.

“What we need the governor to do is stop diverting vaccines from Dallas and Tarrant County,” Jenkins said. “Plenty of people in 1B who have patiently waited for the vaccine, but we don’t have the vaccine to give them because they keep taking our vaccine and sending it to other places.”

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