When Hitting the Gym May Hurt, Not Help, New Moms

Getting back into shape after having a baby can be a challenge for new moms, but hitting the gym too soon could do your body way more harm than good.

Soon after baby Finley was born, Ashley Miller, of Frisco, was eager to get back in the gym.

"My doctors advice was six weeks. It was probably six weeks to the hour that I went back," said Miller.

She used to workout every day and said she felt ready to get back to her HIIT workouts, but her body wasn't.

"The day that I went back, just because I wasn't sore and it was my first time and the adrenaline was going and exciting. I did workout too hard that first time."

It set her back a few days, but doctors warn going back to an extreme exercise routine can cause serious damage in your body.

During pregnancy, high levels of progesterone cause a laxity or loosening of ligaments and joints.

Dr. Liesl Smith, at Texas Health Dallas, said many women don't realize the laxity can last for weeks, even months after pregnancy.

"You could injure any joint whether, it's your ankle or a hip, any joint is a little less stable, so you have a chance of injury," said Smith.

Intense workouts can also affect a mother's breast milk supply, so Smith suggests light exercise, like walking, and workouts that strengthen your core.
Miller is back in the gym where she's made some modifications.

"I knew I had to be worried about not getting injured because she needed me."

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