North Texas

When Can I Plant My Spring Flowers?

Several North Texas cities saw temperatures at or below freezing this morning. Bridgeport dropped into the 20s!

In advance of these cold temperatures, the National Weather Service issued a frost advisory Monday afternoon. The cooler temperatures were pretty much right on schedule. The average date of our last freeze is March 13.

Coming off of the warmest February on record you may have spring fever and want to get a jump start on your spring plants. When is it safe to plant without the threat of a freeze?

The absolute latest we have ever had a freeze is April 13.

The forecast does call for warm temperatures with 80s returning by the end of the weekend, and the long range forecast keeps North Texas warmer than normal.

While it doesn't look likely, this forecast doesn't guarantee any more cold snaps. So if you want to be 100 percent sure there are no more freezes I'd wait until April 13 to do your planting.

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