What's on the Menu at TWU? Race Cars Made Entirely of Food

It was a race the likes of which you don't often see. North Texas high school and middle school students built the cars. Each one – you could eat.

Texas Woman's University hosted the 20th annual Edible Car Contest. Students from across North Texas formed teams, creating cars made entirely of food – everything from cake and cookies to subs and sausage.

The program was initially developed to get young women and girls interested in science, technology, engineering and math. Teams raced their cars down a ramp –  the goal, speed – and building a car that would actually stay together.

"The Titans" of Tannahill, finished first overall in TWU's Edible Car Contest, winning the top prize of $300. Another team from Tannahill, "Pig Miners" finished second.  Argyle Middle School fielded the third place team. 

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