What You Need to Know Before Tax Free Shopping This Weekend

It's that time of year when kids stock up and go back to school.

The State of Texas picks a weekend to give us a break on taxes.

"You could go out and buy you a great new shirt, great new shoes, and as long as it's under that $100 mark, you're going to save the tax," said Holly Quartaro.

Anything more than $100 is considered a luxury item and doesn't count.

You'll have to pay tax on it.

Quartaro said many story are employing discounts and sales to bring items around $100, a few bucks cheaper so they qualify for the discount.

There are other rules about which clothing counts.

"One of my favorite examples is the scarf and necklace. they're both accessories worn around the neck. The scarf is tax free because it's made of fabric, it can be part of your outfit, but the necklace will still be taxed this weekend," said Quartaro.

A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself is it a vital part of an outfit. A belt for example is tax free, a wallet isn't.

Even if you don't have kids, it could be a good weekend to treat yourself or get an early jump on holiday shopping.

If you don't like the crowds of the mall, you can still shop tax free online.

For a complete set of guidelines of what is covered and what's not this weekend visit the state comptroller's website.

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