What to Know If You Didn't Get Your Vehicle Registration Renewed

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There were long lines at some tax offices today as a lot of people tried to get things taken care of on the last day of the waiver for registration renewals.

"Here I am on my lunch hour taking an extra hour for lunch," said car registration renewal customer, Victoria Allen.

The waiver was put in place in March of last year due to the pandemic.

After today, police may begin ticketing drivers without a current registration sticker or current registration receipt.

"If you are pulled over and cited for an expired registration you could face a fine of up to $200 as well as late registration penalties when you do eventually go in and register," said Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Public Information Officer, Adam Shaivitz.

If you missed out renewing Wednesday, you can still get it done.

"You are able to renew online as long as your sticker isn't more than nine months overdue,” Shaivitz said. “When you do register online, renew your registration online, you will get a registration receipt which is something that you can show to law enforcement to prove you've registered the vehicle."

Don't forget to make sure you have a valid passing vehicle inspection before renewing your registration.

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