Impacts of Moving the US Embassy in Israel

During his sermon over the weekend, Rabbi Stefan Weinberg of Congregation Anshal Torah talked about the U.S. Embassy in Israel moving to Jerusalem. On Monday, he listened to the unveiling while sitting in his car.

“It’s something that, I almost wanted to stop the car as I was running to my next appointment, because these moments happen so few times during the course of a life time,” said Rabbi Weinberg.

It is a change in U.S. policy, but while the embassy was unveiled in Jerusalem, violence is also dominating headlines.

Rabbi Weinberg thinks violence would have happened anyway. He does not think that much changes with the embassy move.

“There isn’t that much that changes for us as a Jewish community. There is a certain sense of pride. There is a certain sense of wonder. But the facts on the ground are that Israel is still in the midst of a terribly uncomfortable situation and for anyone to imagine what the resolution is going to look like is almost incomprehensible,” said Rabbi Weinberg.

But the United States might be a catalyst for change.

According to University of Texas at Dallas Holocaust studies professor David Patterson, others could follow suit in moving their embassies to Jerusalem.

“I think in the next two to three years you will see two to three dozen, at least if not actually physically moving, declaring that their intention to move,” said Patterson.

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