What is The Southern Gateway Project and How Will it Impact Your Commute?

The Southern Gateway Project is a construction zone you will start to hear a lot about.

It started in 2018 and will be completed 2021.

The construction will rebuild and widen I-35E south of downtown Dallas, widen U.S. Highway 67 between Interstate 35E and Interstate 20 and the I-35E/U.S. 67 split and build two reversible, non-tolled express lanes.

The construction will stretch 11 miles. The purpose is to improve safety, provide congestion relief, address roadway deficiencies and improve system linkage.

One of the first, big long-term closures of the project will take place Friday evening, March 30.

Northbound and southbound HOV lanes along I-35E and U.S. 67 will close, until the end of the project in 2021 when reversible non-tolled managed express lanes will be opened.

Some HOV access points along this corridor will also be closed:

  • The northbound and southbound I-35E HOV entrance and exit at Reunion Boulevard
  • The northbound and southbound U.S. 67 HOV entrance and exit north of Ledbetter Drive (Loop 12)
  • The northbound and southbound I-35E HOV entrance and exit at Kiest Boulevard

These areas will be closed until the completion of the project in 2021.

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