What a Crappy Job

Fort Worth man starts poop scooping business

Mike Beardsley was a company man and did whatever it took to get the job done. But in August 2007, Beardsley was attacked by a dog while working in a customer's backyard.

"I was the odd thing, so the dog in the yard attacked me. I had three stitches in my left calf and four in my right. Then I became very scared and nervous around dogs -- even those I knew," he recalled.

The father of four said he grew up around dogs and loved them. Four months after the dog attack, he took a bold step forward.

"I started Dooty Free Lawns as a way to conquer my fear," the 34-year-old said.

During lunch hours and after work, Beardsley scooped poop and three things happened.
"Within seven months of starting the business, I was able to go full time," he said.

Beardsley is no longer afraid to be around dogs and has learned how to overcome his fears.  As a bonus, he has also found that there is once again time for his family.

"I don't miss out on the soccer games and school plays that I used to.  And when my wife needs me, I can be there," Beardsley said.

Beardsley has grown his business to about 50 clients of all types and sizes.

"Those who don’t like pooh; home owners, renters, apartment complexes, property managers, and rescue groups in the Tarrant, east Parker and north Johnson counties, " he explained.

"Every time I bring on a new client, I give myself a raise."

A sense of humor also comes with someone in the poop scooping business.  

"People ask me how i got into the business.  I tell him I stepped in it.  People ask me how's business?  I tell 'em it's picking up. People come up to me for no reason and tell me poop jokes like, 'What did one fly say to another? Is this stool free?'"

The job may stink, but for all he gets in return, Mike is OK with that.

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