New York

‘What a Country': 2016 Party Conventions in the Books

I'm from Buffalo, New York. So was the late, great Tim Russert. And he used to often quote his father, Big Russ. Big Russ would always say, "What a country."

After two national political conventions, I, too, would like to quote him. "What a country."

I watched delegates on both sides of the aisle, dedicated to their candidates. I watched the first woman become a presidential nominee of a major political party. I saw children of both candidates express their love and admiration for them. I saw new people to the political process. And I watched people have the freedom to disagree. I saw the excitement of roll calls, and the joy of families during the final balloon drop.

Both Philadelphia and Cleveland were amazing host cities with natives wanting to make sure we liked their towns. Law enforcement kept us safe.

Democracy isn't something to take for granted. We live in America. "What a country."

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