Wet Week Leads to Potholes Across North Texas

Potholes are popping up across North Texas, even without any major ice storms this winter. Blame a week of rainy, wet weather, officials say.

"They pop up very suddenly," said Val Lopez, a spokesperson for the Texas Department of Transportation's Fort Worth District. "What happens is moisture does get into those cracks, and that combined with traffic does cause those potholes."

Parts of Interstate 30 in east Fort Worth are among the worst for potholes, which are also appearing along Interstate 35W, Interstate 20 and countless side streets.

TxDOT trucks are ready to roll out on pothole repair next week, when the weather warms up.

"This is part of our normal maintenance routine," said Lopez. "What we're going to do is wait for dryer weather, probably next week, go out there and patch them up."

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