Noelle Walker

West Victim's Father Stunned By News 2013 Explosion Was No Accident

The families of victims from the April 17, 2013, explosion at a fertilizer plant in West were called to a meeting by federal investigators Wednesday morning to hear the news that the fire and explosion that killed their loved ones was not an accident. It was intentionally set.

"It was a total surprise," said Phil Calvin. "They talk about terrorism a lot of different ways. To me, it's just, it's terrorism."

Calvin's son, Perry Calvin, a volunteer firefighter, rushed to try and extinguish the fire but was killed in the blast.

"To think someone could have done that intentionally," Phil Calvin said, shaking his head. "It was like somebody just hit me in the face. It hurt, and the longer I thought about it the madder I got."

Perry Calvin was one of the 15 people who died in the explosion, 12 of them firefighters just like him.

"I mean, whoever it was, I hope they catch them and put them in a place where I never have to see them," Phil Calvin said. "Ever."

Phil Calvin pointed out his grandsons will never get to see their father again, and his granddaughter will never have the chance to meet her dad.

"And that's just one family," he said.

Phil Calvin said he didn't press investigators for more information than they gave. He didn't want to know anything that could jeopardize finding the person or people responsible for his son's death.

"They're not supposed to die before you do," Phil Calvin said. "You're not supposed to outlive your kids."

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