West Nile Testing Begins Next Week in Denton

Denton announced the city is at West Nile Risk Level 2. Local cities including Denton will begin testing for mosquitoes infected with West Nile virus; traps go out next week and testing begins the following week.

Environmental Services Director Ken Banks said the city will place its first mosquito traps of the year next week; eventually setting out as many as 20 at a time.

Samples will then start going to the state lab on May 1 to identify any positive West Nile virus hits.

The city has moved to West Nile Risk Level 2 which is the base level for the season to alert residents that mosquitoes and the illness could be present in the area.

Banks said on an average year like 2013 Denton will spend about $30,000 on West Nile prevention.

He said residents can help keep the costs down by draining standing water and taking their own preventative measures so the city doesn’t have to do mass spraying.

Denton County confirms they, along with neighboring counties will begin trapping and sending samples the following week.

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