North Texas

West Fort Worth Development Moves in Close to Five Families a Week

In west Fort Worth near where Interstates 20 and 30 intersect, a community promising to add 50,000 people to the city over the next several decades.

One year ago, the land was empty where Walsh Ranch was turned simply into Walsh. Now 50 people call the development home and another 171 homes are under contract. Closings happen every other day, and four families will move in this weekend alone.

“It’s astonishing to me. It’s just amazing how quickly, when you put all of the key elements together, how quickly something can change,” said Director of Community Relations Bexie Nobles.

As the population across North Texas booms giving way to a housing shortage in many communities, thousands are expected to move into Walsh in the next several years.

Landon Dipprey moved in with his lab Meschach back in October. He knew how tight the market was after seeing the value of his last home spike after just three years of living near TCU.

“It needed a lot of work, and I was going to have pour a lot of money into it or make nearly that same amount of money after 3 years just putting it on the market,” said Dipprey.

In the five months he’s lived in Walsh, he’s been joined by others for the same reason and those seeking the community feel Walsh promises.

“You see it coming to life. You see people riding their bikes down to the fitness center and working out. You see kids walking to the elementary school. It starts to become what we’ve always dreamt it could become. There’s so much hard work that goes into a development. It never stops. But then when you see people living here, it just brings it to life in a unique way,” said Nobles.

Expected build-out for the development will take 50 years and will include commercial and residential development over 7,000 acres.

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