‘We're Still Here!' Dallas Businesses Hit by Tornadoes Invite Customers Back

Thursday, stores in Preston Royal Village will host a 'Sip and Shop' event. They're inviting customers back to business that have reopened since the tornado.

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"We're still here!"

That's the message from some Dallas businesses damaged by the October tornadoes.

Those businesses are working hard to get things back to normal.

At Royal China in Preston Hollow, customers are on a first name basis. George Kao's parents opened the restaurant 45 years ago.

He said it would take more than a tornado to take it out.

“Business got interrupted for nine days,” Kao said.

Like his, many businesses in Preston Royal Village have reopened.

The Toy Maven had to temporarily relocate and the dining room of Cantina Laredo is still drenched.

“We've received a lot of calls from our customers, hoping that we're going to be open and then it doesn't happen. That's the most frustrating part,” owner Victor Johnston said.

Johnston said he’s waiting on his insurance company to settle his claim, and it would be a few more weeks until he could reopen.

He said he hoped customers return too.

“Please, definitely, we don't have another restaurant,” Johnston said.

A reminder that things could be worse is right across Royal Lane.

Dozens of businesses were damaged so badly, they'll be out of commission for months.

“That's unimaginable, devastating,” Kao said.

Thursday, businesses that have reopened are inviting customers back to sip, shop and show support for a place that brings a community to the table.

The "Sip and Shop" event is from 4-7 p.m. Thursday at Preston Royal Village.

There will be food, drinks and live music. The event is free.

Saturday, a local church said it would canvas neighborhoods damaged by the tornadoes giving out food, household goods and spreading hope for the holidays.

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