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Deep in the Heart: Weight Loss with Love

A couple from Oklahoma recently came to North Texas to kick off their new healthy lifestyle and have since lost more than a 160 pounds combined.

Walter and Kathleen Waller underwent gastric bypass surgery six months ago.

Their case, however, is unique because they underwent surgeries on the same day.

"To agree on something as important as major as weight loss surgery and to decide to support each other in that endeavor is pretty remarkable," said bariatric surgeon Dr. Folahan Ayoola of Medical City Frisco.

The two say they had reach a point in their lives where their weight was affecting everything.

"At breakfast I said, 'hey I want to tell you about this, you know, this surgery,' and he said 'let's do it' and I was so excited!" Kathleen said.

"I was 348 pounds," Walter said. "When Kathleen told me about it, I thought, 'hey this is a God send. This is what we need.'". 

After consulting with Ayoola, they made the decision to have surgery the same day.

"It’s usually the wife or the husband. Usually the wife has already had surgery and then the spouse says, 'well, give me some of that' and they come in have weight loss surgery as well," said. Ayoola. "They both ended up having surgery on the same day because they were both ready to have surgery." 

Since the surgeries six months ago, Kathleen and Walter have lost a combined 166 pounds.

"It just feels so good to feel good! I mean, we just feel fantastic!" said Kathleen.

"All that I can do is amazing compared to what it was," said Walter.

Their love for each other is stronger than ever.

"These kinds of things don't scare us. It's one of those deals you just go through together. It's easier to work through it together than to stumble through it on your own," Walter said.

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