North Texas

Weeks of Rain Leaves Irving Sports Complex Flooded

City crews working overtime as sports league games canceled.

Weeks of heavy rain and swollen waterways are taking a toll on North Texas.

In Irving, the popular Trinity View Park is underwater, leaving parts of the sports complex temporarily unusable.

"It limits the public’s ability to come out and utilize some of our parks. It really has an impact on our athletic leagues," Irving Parks and Recreation Director Joseph Moses said. "We have a lot of leagues that haven’t completed their seasons because they’ve had closures due to the flooding. So, it has an impact across the board."

Moses said once the water recedes, his crews start working immediately.

"Every time it floods you are dealing with excessive silt, debris that washes down river. When water recedes our crews are out here constantly battling to clean up the parks, clean up the fields and make them usable for our residents," Moses said.

"It is a constant struggle. The cleanup impacts our overtime budget," Moses added. "Our guys are out here on weekends and late into the evening trying to clean up because we know the residents want to utilize our fields."

Moses said the silt left behind after the flooding becomes an issue for electrical and irrigation systems.

"Silt is a big, big impact. People just don’t realize how much silt is left behind after the flooding. Then have to come back and clean that up," he said.

Moses said his crews are dedicated to getting everything in operational order again as soon as possible.

"The coin is going to flip at some point. We are going to be dealing with excessive heat, we are going to be dealing with droughts," Moses said. "So, we just have to get through this and get ready for that."

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