#SomethingGood: 9-Year-Old Irving Boy Showcases Talent, Despite Autism Diagnosis

Alex Valdez, 9, has always wanted to have a super power. His love for super heroes runs deep.

"I love Batman and Spider-Man and Sonic the Hedgehog," Valdez said.

What Valdez didn’t tell us, until his mom explained, was that he already has a super power. Valdez can listen to a song a few times and then play it back on his piano -- no sheet music needed.

"I just learn on my own, because one thing I learned about piano is that it’s my favorite," Valdez said.

"Amazing Grace" is one of his favorites to play. [[562161442,C]]

"It’s like a miracle," Alex’s mom, Elvia Espino, said. "Alex has autism and he was nonverbal until he was six."

Valdez is aware of his diagnosis, but he hasn’t let it slow him down. In fact, his mom says he uses it as an advantage.

"He has a great memory. Most recently, he took me up on a challenge to earn $20 to learn the Presidents of the United States," Espino said. 

Valdez completed the mission. He can now recite every U.S. President and in order.

"He is the epitome of courage and perseverance. He doesn’t give up. I have dedicated the last nine years of my life to getting him to doctors, therapists and the list goes on. I do this because I want Alex to know he’s limitless. Autism was not a period, but merely a comma [in his life]," Espino said.

The two just hope their story will inspire other families.

"Don’t give up. You are your child’s loudest voice and use it," Espino said.

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